We’re one of the leading architectural scale model making & 3-D visualization companies in India. We’re young, we’re dynamic and we’re dedicated to creating 100% true to scale, totally enjoyable technologically-advanced 3-D solutions.

Through our 3-D scale models and digital visualizations, we turn our clients’ dreams and visions into reality. We breathe life into their ideas, by mixing art and technology to create soul-stirring architectural models.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Architectural model making
  • 3-D visualizations
  • 3-D walkthroughs
  • Display & promotional events

What we stand for

Our models help you understand and appreciate your project’s true beauty and the impact it will create. When you partner with us, here’s what you can expect:

  • Speedy project assessment & competitive pricing
  • Deployment of the latest cutting-edge technologies to deliver breathtaking solutions
  • Complete respect for your schedule limitations and project timelines
  • Non-stop quest to produce premium quality models
  • Superlative detailing and finishing on scaled renditions to ensure maximum visual impact

Our State-of-the-art Studio

We’ve invested in the most advanced computer hardware to handle the computer-aided drafting, scanning and computerized laser cutting. By using advanced laser-cutting techniques, we’re able to deliver very high levels of standard and precision in our models. We use tough acrylic to create our enchanting models, as they last long and offer a fine finish. We can achieve any texture that you desire on your architectural models – metal, granite, marble, wood, mosaic or slate.