Welcome to the Digital Age with DDZYN360 services.

At DDZYN360, the core focus is on how to combine the best of digital and physical realities to create spectacular bespoke interactive architectural models. We create our models with an aim to enhance your project’s design impact and help you interact more intimately with architectural models.

We know how important it is for you to view an engaging, interactive model of your design that truly represents your design ethics. That’s why we’re here – we use interactive, 3-D digital designs to highlight the fabulous, underlying infrastructure in your master plan.

We welcome you to take a look at the exceptional interactive digital services we offer you, in the following categories:

  • Digital Interactive Models

    We encourage our clients to interact with our architectural models, move objects (hydraulic motion) and fully experience the interactive aspects on our touch-screen LED screens. A good interactive model spells the following benefits for our clients:

    • Saves Time And Cost: We can present each design uniquely to our clients, and they in turn can present unique views to their customers.
    • Makes It Easier To Engage Customers: Consider, for example, a builder who’s building commercial suites for businesses. Using a interactive model, the builder can take his potential customers through every unit.
    • Increases Sales for Builders; Selling units in advance becomes a matter of ease when interactive models are used. Interactive media goes way beyond the physical model in this arena. Our models create an immediate wow factor, thereby generating more sales.
  • Scale Models

    We incorporate a number of methodologies (both management and production) to deliver high-quality scale models within stipulated time and cost constraints. Our clients use our scale models to initiate several programs and marketing campaigns to promote their projects. We’re creating not just a scale model, but an architectural model, a marketing showpiece that becomes a project heirloom to treasure for a lifetime. To achieve all that, here’s what we do:

    • First, we evaluate project drawings and convert them to 3-D modeling files
    • Our team consolidates the entire ‘kit of parts’ to put the model together in sequential order
    • The finished model components are then handled by our skilled model builders, where they are assembled into the final completed scale model.
    • Our process includes round-the-clock high-speed machine sequences that ensure timely completion. Adhering to your project timelines while delivering an outstanding product is our main goal.
  • 3D Rendering

    3-D rendering is the realistic digital visualization of a structure.  A 3-D rendered can help you visualize how a given space will look when it’s designed and furnished.

    3D renders can be use in Brochures, Hoarding and all kind of adverting in print media.

  • 3D Walkthrough

    At DDZYN360, our talented team works together in unison, pooling their talent and expertise to create breathtakingly beautiful 3-D walkthroughs. We’re able to satisfy client’s need by leveraging our state of art infrastructure and our experience team.

    Here’s what you can experience from your project’s 3-D Walkthrough:

    • You can see every aspect of your project, including the surrounding buildings, vegetation, roads, and parking spots and so on. Everything is taken care of, including window reflections, colors, shadows, light, interior decorations – you name it.
    • Our 3-D Walkthroughs for industrial, residential and commercial projects are the exact replicas of the actual physical reality of the project execution. We use high-resolution to create the illusion of reality via life-like 3-D Walkthroughs.

    What’s more, unlike scale models, you can take your 3-D Walkthrough everywhere, and show it to anyone you like. All you have to do is display our lifelike 3-D Walkthrough of your project on a good screen, and they’ll be convinced within seconds.

  • Interior Models

    Interior Models clearly display the following aspects in accurate scale in 3-D:

    • Interior space planning
    • Planned furniture setup
    • Décor and beautification aspects

    They literally push interactivity’s borders, can save you time, money and provide 100% customer satisfaction.